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Writing a mission statement that doesn’t suck

Traditional, structured business plans usually include business descriptions, SWOT analyses, market research, financial projections, and various strategic breakdowns (eg sales strategy, marketing strategy, etc). And, at the veryyy beginning, in the executive summary,...

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Getting more value out of a SWOT analysis

Everyone's first experience with a SWOT analysis is terrible. It's typically your first real exposure to business strategy and you just don't have enough experience in your business yet (because you're a business student, new entrepreneur, new to business...

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What you can learn from ranking your clients

"Rank your clients then fire the bottom-tier ones" is classiccc business advice. And, it's relatively good advice (as far as soundbites go). You shoulddd periodically prune your client list and fire the clients that are causing excessive hardship, stress, and internal...

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You need to do a pre-goal-setting assessment

There's all sorts of goal-setting frameworks and theories (eg SMART criteria, OKRs, BHAGs, OGSMs, etc)*. They're supposed to help get your rough goals & dreams out of your head, onto a piece of paper, and into a standardized structure that makes sense which can...

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Business savings isn’t just for emergencies

Most small business owners don't have an extensive finance background before starting their businesses. You're good at a particular skill (eg, marketing, design, writing, coding, law, whatever), you saw an opportunity to open a business, and you went for it. This...

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How to rank your clients

All clients aren't created equal. Some clients are easier to work with, more profitable, send referrals, or just have more interesting projects than the rest. Then, others are a royal pain, take up too much of your (and your team's) time, drag down profitability, hurt...

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Different kinds of emergency funding

The best time to plan for an emergency is when things are going well. That's when you have a clear mind, time to really think thru your plan, and won't be pressured into making snap decisions. You don't need to have a fully fleshed out wartime-CEO document, but you...

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