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What to look for in a Profit & Loss report

Accountants and finance people love going on about how important your financial reports are and how much can be learned by regularly reviewing them. And, that's true. You can learn a lot about your business just by taking a regular look at your numbers. You can learn...

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Throwback ⏰: Numbers lie like a dog

Mark Twain famously said, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics," meaning you can manipulate statistics to prove just about anything. That's also true for every number you see out there. Every report, every graph, and every tax return can...

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Make paying invoices easier for your clients

Friction slows things down. That's true in physics, your car's brake pads, and small business cash flow. All those seemingly little annoyances and difficulties clients put up with, while paying your invoices, create friction and opportunities for your clients to pause...

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How to intentionally review financial reports

Financial reports are the bee's knees. They give you a solid, big-picture understanding of all the little financial details and moving pieces in your business. Then, from there, you can start making educated decisions, working on problem areas, and improving your...

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What to do after ranking your clients

This is the third email in a series on ranking clients. Check out the previous issues: How to rank your clients and What you can learn from ranking your clients. If you enjoyed this series, feel free to share it!   You can learn a lot from ranking your clients....

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Writing a mission statement that doesn’t suck

Traditional, structured business plans usually include business descriptions, SWOT analyses, market research, financial projections, and various strategic breakdowns (eg sales strategy, marketing strategy, etc). And, at the veryyy beginning, in the executive summary,...

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Getting more value out of a SWOT analysis

Everyone's first experience with a SWOT analysis is terrible. It's typically your first real exposure to business strategy and you just don't have enough experience in your business yet (because you're a business student, new entrepreneur, new to business...

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