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Farm-to-table consulting & accounting
for Marketers and Agencies 💸

High-end accounting engagements, with accomplished accountants that actually care about you, are almost always bespoke.

The exact services, how often we meet, what’s included, and the pricing depends on you, your business, and your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all or standard options to choose from. This isn’t fast food accounting.

To make things a little easier – these are the most common service combinations for businesses that’re at different stages of growth. These combos may not be a perfect fit for you and that’s fine. We’ll tailor an accounting engagement that sets you up for success. 

Most Common Packages

-which will be tailored to your agency-


Starting at

Ideal for: businesses with bookkeepers

Hand me your tax docs, answer a few questions, get a spotless tax return prepared. Nothing more, nothing less. 


Corporate tax return


Personal tax return


Quarterly tax estimates (based on prior-year)


Year-round tax support & security


Limited to 15 new Essentials-only clients a year

Quarterly Help

Starting at

Ideal for: consultants, freelancers, and solopreneurs

Your business is growing and you want to outsource your accounting to free up more time. But, you don't need monthly financials yet. 

Everything in 'Tax Essentials' plus:


Quarterly bookkeeping update


Quarterly reconciliations


Quarterly meetings

Monthly Lifeline

Starting at $1,125/mo

Ideal for: small agencies and teams

When you’d like an accountant on call to answer all your tax and accounting questions throughout the year. But, aren't ready to go all-in on your finances yet.

    Everything in 'Tax Essentials' with:


    Monthly bookkeeping update


    Monthly reconciliations


    Monthly meetings


    Starting at $2,095/mo

    Ideal for: growing agencies and consultants that need a go-to business confidant

    You're playing in the big leagues, need timely financials, and an advisor for seriously candid business discussions.


    Everything in 'Monthly Lifeline' with:


    Annual budgeting & forecasting


    Quarterly forecast updates


    Quarterly deep finance dives

    Want more details before scheduling a call?

    Check out the full details, that a bunch of marketers thought made this page too confusing and would decrease conversions.

    🤔 General FAQ 🤔

    What kinda clients do you work with?

    I typically work with small creative and marketing agencies (including freelancers and consultants) with up to 25 employees.

    What factors affect your pricing?

    Consulting prices depend on how frequently we meet, how complex your business is, and how much support you’d like between meetings.

    Business tax return prices depend on your gross revenue, number of partners, states you’re located in (including states you have employees in), and general complexity.

    Outsourced accounting depends on the number of transactions, how many checks you, complicated journal entries, and how frequently you’d like your books updated.

    Personal tax returns depend itemized deductions, children, businesses, rental properties, investment sales, and general complexity.

    What’s the minimum commitment?

    Full-service monthly/quarterly packages are a 12-month commitment.

    à la carte tax returns (both personal and business) are just that season’s tax return. 

    What happens if I get audited?

    If the audit was due to my mistake, I’ll write letters and defend it at no charge to you.

    If the audit was due to your mistake or random happenstance, I can help you for an additional fee. (Unless you’re on a tear-round tax support plan, which includes letter protection.)

    Can I expect confidentiality?

    Yes. I do not share my client names, client list, or any details regarding my clients with anyone. The only way someone will know we’re working together is if you mentioned it to them or you’ve left a testimonial.

    * I may draw inspiration from our conversations for LinkedIn posts or newsletter emails, but will never specifically name you, use details that might connect it to you, or shame you.

    Why a Chat instead of a Discovery Call?

    I’m supposed to kick things off with a cleverly named discovery call (like, a clarity call, breakthrough session, strategy pow wow, etc) and get right into it. Just get hot and heavy with the big value questions.

    • How much revenue are you earning?
    • What are your goals?
    • If you could wave a magic wand and fix one problem, what would it be?
    • How much are you ready to invest in your success?
      (I don’t actually ask that, by the way. It feels slimy. 😖)

    You know the questions. We’ve all been on the wrong side of a high-octane discovery call.

    But, in all my years as an advisor and accountant, no one has ever wanted to jump right into full-blown discovery. Everyone has a preliminary few questions they wanna ask.

    So, instead of slapping you with discovery right out of the gate, we’ll take it easy — schedule a call, ask your questions, and, if you like my vibe, I’ll explain the next steps and discovery process.

    (Note: This is an opportunity for you to ask about me, my practice, and how I can help you. And, while I might answer a few quick tax or finance questions because I can’t help myself, this isn’t a consulting call.)

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