Tame the Finance Monster

Finances are intimidating. But, they don’t have to be.


Starting at $1195/mo

Ideal for: agencies that need a close advisor and member of their (unofficial) board

You’re really rolling and need a neutral voice that you can trust. Sorta like that friend you always turn to for advice…except with a business background.

 (only 2 spots currently available)


Everything in 'Hands-off Consulting' with:


Quarterly growth forecast adjustments


Growth forecast vs actual


Monthly or Quarterly calls (collaborative agenda)


Weekly async guidance & reassurance


[Addon] Bookkeeping & reconciliations


[Addon] Cash flow overhaul


[Addon] The Bat Signal 🦇 (aka, unlimited access)


Starting at $545/mo

Ideal for: agencies that want a little input

You’re growing. You want better clarity into your numbers, someone to make finances less scary, and someone to hold you accountable to major rocks.


Everything in 'Tax Essentials' with:


Annual growth forecasting


Quarterly calls (you own the agenda)


Call recordings


[Addon] Bookkeeping & reconciliations


Starting at $300/mo

Ideal for: agencies that don’t want to worry about taxes ever again

When you’d like an accountant on call to answer all your tax and accounting questions throughout the year. But, aren’t ready to go all-in on your finances yet.


Business tax return


Personal tax return


Quarterly tax estimates (based on prior-year)


Year-end tax review


Year-round tax support & security


[Addon] Bookkeeping & reconciliations

Not a fan of commitment?

à la carte S-corp & partnership fees start at $2,000, personal at $1,000, or you can schedule a one-off strategy sesh for $350.

Finance Partner

Hands-off Consulting

Tax Essentials

Business Tax Return

Your business tax return, including sole proprietorships*, SMLLCs*, S-corps, and partnerships. This tax return tallies up all your revenue, expenses, and tax planning.

(*these are reported on your personal tax return)

Personal Tax Return

Your personal tax return that’s due by April 15th and includes all your non-business income, deductions, credits, and payments.

Quarterly Tax Estimates

‘Safe harbor’ quarterly tax estimates that’re designed to prevent underpayment penalties and ease the tax day surprise.

Year-round tax support (via email)

If you have a question, ask. Never worry about if you’re allowed to ask or will get a surprise bill again.

Annual Tax Check-up

An October/November check-in to make sure everything’s going according to plan and give you time to make any year-end tax moves

Tax Letter Support

Forward any tax letters from the IRS or your state to me and I’ll take care of it.

Yearly Tax Consult

You, me, a Zoom whiteboard, and the answers to all your tax questions that didn’t come up during tax prep.

Annual growth forecast

Two calls, worksheets, calculations (don’t worry, I’ll handle the math), and a 12-month financial roadmap

Regular Calls

Agenda-driven meetings to discuss strategy, finances, and recent roadblocks

Growth forecast vs actuals

Comparisons between your annual growth forecast and how reality stacked up

Growth forecast adjustments

Tweaks to the annual forecast as your business evolves and changes course throughout the year

Weekly async guidance & reassurance

More consulting and input on your business with fewer meetings clogging your schedule

[Addon] Bookkeeping & reconciliations

Capture every deduction, maintain your accounting software, and prepare basic financial reports.

Annual starts @  $1,980/yr
Quarterly starts @ $235/mo
Monthly starts @ $425/mo

Working with Michael has been amazing. Two parts Real Talk, one part Therapy, with just a drizzle of sass – exactly what I needed. Michael has brought so much clarity to my business planning, but most especially he’s helped me get out of my own way. I’ve avoided business coaching in the past because of vague promises and no clear deliverables. Michael is the exact opposite. You are getting exactly what you think: the Edna Mode of Business Consulting.

Michele, Owner @ Hiro Marketing

Let’s get started 🎉

🤔 General FAQ 🤔

What kinda clients do you work with?

I typically work with small marketing and creative agencies (including freelancers and consultants) with up to 25 employees.

Can I expect confidentiality?

Yes. I do not share my client names, client list, or any details regarding my clients with anyone. The only way someone will know we’re working together is if you mentioned it to them or you’ve left a testimonial.

* I may draw inspiration from our conversations for LinkedIn posts or newsletter emails, but will never specifically name you, use details that might connect it to you, or shame you.

What’s the minimum commitment?

Both ‘Finance Partner’, ‘Hands-off Consulting’, and ‘Tax Essentials’ packages are 12-month commitments.

à la carte tax returns (both personal and business) are just that season’s tax return. 

Do you offer one-off consulting calls?

Sure do. You can schedule one here.

Do you prepare à la carte tax returns without a monthly retainer?

Yes, but they do not include any year-round support, check-ups, letter support, or tax consults.

What factors affect your pricing?

‘Tax Essentials’ and ‘Hands-off Consulting’ pricing depends on:

  • your gross revenue
  • number of partners
  • number of states
  • general complexity

‘Finance Partner’ pricing also depends on:

  • how frequently we meet (you can choose monthly, quarterly, or something in between)

‘Bookkeeping & Reconciliations’ pricing depends on:

  • the number of transactions
  • how many checks you write
  • complicated journal entries
  • how frequently you’d like your books updated (you can choose monthly or quarterly)

What happens if I get audited?

‘Finance Partner’, ‘Hands-off Consulting’, and ‘Tax Essentials’ packages include letter protection. I’ll write letters and defend you at no additional charge to you.

Why a Chat instead of a Discovery Call?

Discovery calls are so formal.

I’m supposed to follow a discovery checklist and sales script. And, ask all sorts of big value questions

But, that ain’t me.

And, in all my years as an advisor and accountant, no one has ever wanted to jump right into full-blown discovery. Everyone has a preliminary few questions they wanna ask.

So, instead of slapping you with discovery right out of the gate, we’ll take it easy — schedule a call, you’ll ask your questions, and, I’ll ask mine. If you like my vibe, I’ll explain the next steps and discovery process.

(Note: This is an opportunity for you to ask about me, my practice, and how I can help you. And, while I might answer a few quick tax or finance questions because I can’t help myself, this isn’t a consulting call.)